Understanding penis health
and erectile dysfunction

The Penis and Erectile Dysfunction

banner1 Internal Structure of the Penis

When a man becomes sexually aroused the arteries feeding the penis dilate so directing more blood to the penis.

This extra blood then floods into the erectile tissues, the Corpora Cavernosa and the Corpus Spongiosum, expanding them and so lengthening and thickening the penis, which in turn creates the erection.

As the Corpora Cavernosa and the Corpus Spongiosum expand they constrict the veins that take blood out of the penis, so more blood is flowing into the penis than is flowing out.

Once full erection is achieved the blood flowing in is balanced by the blood flowing out, in effect a state of equilibrium, so maintaining the erection. After sex, the reverse happens. The arteries shrink back reducing blood flowing into the penis while the blood flowing out is greater, draining the penis. When the penis has become flaccid the blood flow in and out of the penis is once again the same and in equilibrium.

The fullness and hardness of the erection and the ability to maintain one is, therefore, highly dependent upon the level of blood flowing into the penis and the capacity of the Corpora Cavernosa and the Corpus Spongiosum to expand and restrict blood flowing back out. Any disruption to this equilibrium could mean the penis does not fully erect, or will not stay erect, or will not erect at all. The generic name for this condition is Erectile Dysfunction and it can be brought on by a variety of causes, many if not most of which affect this balance of blood flow to and from the penis

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