Understanding penis health
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The Penis and Erectile Dysfunction

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What a lot of men who suffer this condition don’t realise, though many consultant Urologists are only too well aware, Erectile Dysfunction (ED) can, in nine out of ten cases, be overcome without expensive surgery or drugs which can produce unpleasant side effects.

ED is often a symptom of an underlying medical condition and any man who finds himself with ED should consult his doctor. Urologists, depending on the cause of the condition, then have several methods at their disposal for treating it. As the majority of ED cases are generally caused by poor blood supply to the penis, treatments usually involve some method of increasing the blood supply to the penis along with the capacity of the blood holding erectile tissues to contain it.

One of the most effective treatments, which the NHS claims works for nine out of ten men but is often overlooked by ED sufferers, is vacuum technology. This involves the drawing of blood into the penis by surrounding the penis in a partial vacuum.

This technique has been used successfully for many years and now VaxAid brings a whole new concept to vacuum technology. VaxAid is the only vacuum system to combine hydro-vacuum therapy to exercise the penile blood system quickly and effectively in the shower or bathtub as part of the daily washing routine and at the same time allow a man to gain and maintain an erection in air for sexual spontaneity.

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The VaxAid v30


VaxAid v30 is a revolutionary new product aimed at helping the estimated 10% of men who suffer Erectile Dysfunction.

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