VaxAid is a vacuum device, designed to
be used in air or water

Why Use VaxAid?

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No other device works in the same way as VaxAid.

VaxAid is a vacuum device, the only one that can use both air and water to generate a partial vacuum around the penis, so drawing blood into the erectile chambers and, if necessary, retaining the blood with an Erection Ring. It is designed for both sexual spontaneity when used in air and for regular exercise of the penis through erection in water.

To generate and maintain an erection in air:

Most quality vacuum devices will achieve this, but VaxAid does it with a significant and vital difference. The VaxAid is unique inasmuch the Erection Ring is first fitted to the flaccid penis and the erection is then gained through the ring with the pump holding the ring tight to the base. This prevents the ring riding up during erection which can lead to ‘Floppy Penis Syndrome’. VaxAid is the only vacuum device to do this.

The VaxAid Hydropump is then slid off, leaving the ring in place at the very base of the penis. When sexual activity is complete, simply stretching the ring apart allows flaccidity to return and the ring can be easily and painlessly slid off.

By using an auxiliary hand pump (not needed when used in water because water produces a much stronger vacuum) the partial vacuum generated within the vacuum chamber can be up to the maximum allowed under FDA and MHRA recommendations. This means no vacuum device is ‘legally’ more powerful than VaxAid, and because the vacuum can never exceed the elastic recoil strength of the pump, it can never exceed safe negative pressure levels.

This alone makes VaxAid unique and far more user friendly. But the system goes much further and this is one of the true benefits of this method.

Using the VaxAid in water to exercise the penis’ vascular system:

All the clinicians and urologists we have consulted tell us that exercise of the penis on a regular basis through erection is an excellent method of keeping the vascular system healthy. Even for non ED sufferers, regular erection is advisable: as the old adage goes... ‘Use it or Lose it’.

The VaxAid v30


VaxAid v30 is a revolutionary new product aimed at helping the estimated 10% of men who suffer Erectile Dysfunction.

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