VaxAid is a vacuum device, designed to
be used in air or water

Why Use VaxAid?

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VaxAid is a revolutionary new method aimed at helping the estimated 10% of men who suffer Erectile Dysfunction (ED) at some time during their lives.

ED is a distressing condition which prevents a man from gaining and/or maintaining an erection suitable for sexual intercourse and it is generally caused by an underlying medical condition, although in some cases psychological causes such as depression may be the root.
To date doctors have used various methods to treat the condition, including drugs, vacuum technology and, in severe cases, surgical implants. All these treatments can help alleviate the condition for some men, but are not without their drawbacks.

Drawing on our vast store of experience with our male health products, VaxAid first looked at ED and its treatment in terms of existing technology and then approached it from a radical new direction.
Vacuum technology has been in use for many years, and because it is non-invasive and does not require drugs along with their potential side effects, many doctors believe vacuum to be amongst the safest of methods.

For many ED sufferers, however, current vacuum systems are frowned upon, not least because they can be cumbersome and even painful to use. Yet for those men for whom it does work, vacuum is not only one of the safest methods, it is also one of the most, if not the most cost effective.

When looking at Vacuum technology (a specialisation of VaxAid) we worked with leading medical specialists and nursing staff both in the UK and the USA. The message from both sides of the Atlantic came back strong and clear: one of the key problem areas was the constriction rings (we prefer to call ours Erection Rings) for maintaining the erection. However, this was only part of the problem. ED, whatever the underlying medical cause, occurs when the penis vascular system and blood flow balance during sexual activity is not functioning properly. In effect, the ED sufferer needs assistance in some form to increase blood flow into the penis to first gain the erection, then a means of controlling the blood flow balance to maintain it.

VaxAid is the only system to achieve this in both air and water. But what has really interested doctors is its ability to exercise the vascular system by using water to generate the vacuum surrounding the penis. So by combining the two methods in a single system, the VaxAid offers ED sufferers and the doctors treating them a whole new means of approaching the condition and its treatment.

The VaxAid v30


VaxAid v30 is a revolutionary new product aimed at helping the estimated 10% of men who suffer Erectile Dysfunction.

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