Understanding penis health
and erectile dysfunction

The Penis and Erectile Dysfunction

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For many men erectile difficulties are psychologically based and this can lead to malfunction of an otherwise perfectly functional penis.

When a man is preparing to take part in sex, the primary psychological mechanism that brings about the erection is the autonomic dilation of the arteries which feed the penis, thereby increasing the blood flow. Sexual arousal does this automatically. However, this autonomic dilation of the arteries can be blocked by the man’s state of mind. This can occur at the start of sexual activity, when he cannot obtain an erection, or it can occur at anytime during intercourse, resulting in the premature loss of erection.

The causes of these psychological blocks vary, but in many cases it is due to anxiety and stress. This inability to perform can then prey on the mind and make the situation worse.

Where can Vaxaid help in such cases?

The ringsVaxaid can generate an erection and maintain it by use of a Vaxaid erection ring

Vaxaid can generate an erection and maintain it by use of a Vaxaid erection ring. Though there is no physical reason for the penis not to function it does provide a viable alternative in such cases. Also, the mere fact that a man knows he can resort to this method is often all he needs to be able to perform. It reduces the fear of failure factor to manageable levels..

The VaxAid v30


VaxAid v30 is a revolutionary new product aimed at helping the estimated 10% of men who suffer Erectile Dysfunction.

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