Understanding penis health
and erectile dysfunction

The Penis and Erectile Dysfunction

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Once the underlying cause has been identified by your doctor he can advise the best course of treatment. This will usually involve a method of improving the blood supply to the penis and the capacity of the erectile tissues to contain it.

Drugs such as Viagra are well known treatments, but drugs are expensive and a lot of men do not like taking them because of the possible unpleasant side effects.

Another method widely used by urologists and which pre-dates Viagra, is to surround the penis in a partial vacuum. This draws blood into the penis, thereby aiding the body’s normal function. However, if the expansion of the Corpora Cavernosa and the Corpus Spongiosum still allows too much blood to flow back through the veins, then once the vacuum device is removed the erection can be lost. In such cases a constriction ring is used to help restrict the veins, so maintaining the equilibrium of blood flow and thereby sustaining the erection.

Though many Urologists consider vacuum treatment as amongst the safest, many sufferers are put off by vacuum devices. They are generally cumbersome to use, they fit tightly around the penis, can cause bulging of the penis and, in severe cases, distortion or bending of the penis. They are also supplied with a variety of constriction rings which can be difficult to get on, ride up the penis during erection, and can cause difficulty and pain when trying to remove them.

Air devices work by pumping air out of a tube which seals on the penis shaft and encloses that part of the penis above the seal. This creates a negative pressure inside the tube and the speed and level to which this tube is depressurised is critical; if it is decreased too quickly or by too much, this can cause the penis to bulge above the seal – rather like blowing up a long balloon. It can also cause bruising of the skin and even distortion of the penis.

It is little wonder then that such devices are not generally liked by a great many users. This despite the fact that, as with all vacuum methods, they do draw blood into the penis and they do gain an erection – of sorts – capable of penetrative sex.

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