VaxAid is a vacuum device, designed to
be used in air or water

How does it work?

So what are the benefits of the VaxAid hydropump

The Vaxaid is designed to generate an erection either using water in the shower or bathtub to regularly exercise the penile vascular system or in air for sexual spontaneity. It has a dual pumping system to give the user greater flexibility and means of operation.

When used in water for penile exercise

  1. The gaiter bellows pump sits on the pelvic seat, not the penis shaft, so the whole length is unrestricted, allowing for full and even blood flow.

  2. It can be applied in seconds, and as it can be used in the shower or bathtub as part of the daily wash routine, it is very convenient and takes up little time.

  3. In water, VaxAid will attain the maximum negative pressure recommended by the FDA and MHRA when using the bellows pump only. This makes it one of the most powerful systems available and also amongst the safest. The maximum negative pressure can never be exceeded due to the limiting factor of the elastic recoil strength of the pump.

  4. Of real importance, the cycling action of the pump allows the penis to be erected gradually in stages. Also, between each stage the pressure inside the tube reverts to atmospheric and this allows a short period of full blood flow in and out of the penis. This is a more natural erection process and helps prevent bulging at the base of the penis as is found with many traditional air pumps.

  5. A unique flow control valve also allows for gradual release of negative pressure, so the penis can be erected and deflated several times over a short period.

  6. Water has both a cushioning and lubricating effect, so lubricants are not needed when used in water.

  7. The Erection Rings can also be used in water with the VaxAid to maintain an erection should the user prefer.

  8. The auxiliary hand ball pump can also be used in water should the user prefer.

  9. Of significant importance, when used in water for penile exercise the water creates a hard vacuum, so ensuring the penis erects gradually and uniformly along the full length and without the bulging and bending associated with many vacuum devices.

When used in air

  1. The bellows gaiter pump does not generate as a high a negative pressure in air as in water due to the physical properties of air and water. So you may need to use the auxiliary hand ball pump to generate the necessary vacuum pressure.

  2. A long insert comfort pad is provided and needs to be lubricated – lube is not required in water which acts as its own lubricant.

  3. The VaxAid erection ring, used when needing to maintain an erection, is applied to the flaccid penis snug up to the base and the hydropump then forms a seal with the ring and erects your penis through the ring. When fully erect, the pump is removed leaving the ring in place at the base of the penis. This gives you a full erection along the full length.

  4. The VaxAid erection ring is so designed to allow you to ejaculate normally and also it is easy to remove.

The VaxAid v30


VaxAid v30 is a revolutionary new product aimed at helping the estimated 10% of men who suffer Erectile Dysfunction.

(Choose a package to suit your needs)

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