Introducing the VaxAid v30 hydropump,
the New Hydro Technology System for ED

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Erectile Dysfunction or male impotence is the inability to gain or maintain a full erection. It is a distressing condition that affects as many as one in ten men at some time during their lives.

VaxAid does not claim to be a cure for erectile dysfunction (ED), but the considerable work done by urologists, especially in the U.S.A., confirms that VaxAid can help a great many men suffering this condition. VaxAid is a non-invasive, non-drug based, totally safe hydrotherapy exercise for the penis, one that you can do easily each day in the shower or bathtub during your normal wash routine, At the same time its dual purpose allows you to quickly and easily gain and maintain an erection in air.

Don’t just take our word for it...

Hear is what the expert had to say about VaxAid.

Dr Barada, a consultant urologist working in New York and an acknowledged expert in erectile dysfunction, has used the Bathmate Hydropump, the predecessor of VaxAid, extensively at his clinic and he reported the following results:


Dr Barada said:

  • In my experience using a vacuum pump on a daily basis to maintain penile health is difficult to get patients to do because it’s somewhat cumbersome and there’s a lot of messiness because of the need for gels. Whereas Bathmate can be used in the privacy of the bath or shower and some patients reported to me it’s actually kind of fun
  • The number one response that I received was that they all have the perception of a larger penis when they do have sexual activity and a better or more satisfactory sexual experience


  • The experience of patients that I have been given information on was that it was easy to acquire, and easy to use. Compliance has been high
  • The Bathmate does not require a prescription. I like the idea of incorporating it into their regular shower or bath hygiene because that’s a fixed time period. Using it daily is fine. Application for five to ten minutes – much more than that is not necessary.
    When asked if the product could be used indefinitely, Dr Barada replied, Why not?

Please note

This was work done by Dr Barada using the Bathmate Hydropump, the predecessor to the VaxAid Hydropump, which is now a vastly improved version specifically designed for men suffering Erectile Dysfunction. VaxAid is designed to gain all the penile health benefits Dr Barada speaks of and now also allows an ED sufferer to gain and maintain an erection suitable for penetrative sexual intercourse quickly and easily using both air and water.

The VaxAid v30


VaxAid v30 is a revolutionary new product aimed at helping the estimated 10% of men who suffer Erectile Dysfunction.

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